Transcribe Business Meetings & Conferences

5 Reasons to Transcribe Business Meetings & Conferences

Written by Flashscribe

Imagine you’re presenting a new concept at a business conference. Wouldn’t you like the undivided attention of your attendees? More often, they’re busy taking notes or recording the presentation rather than paying attention to the speaker. A much better alternative to note-taking by hand is an AI-driven business transcription app that can transcribe both speech and audio in bilingual format. It helps attendees focus on the speaker sessions while providing them with a detailed transcript at the end of every session.

Here are five reasons to upgrade your business with advanced speech-to-text technology.

5 Reasons to Transcribe Business Meetings & Conferences

1. Legal Records: 

Several industry trends and business are discussed in meetings and conferences. It could be helpful to record them for setting an appropriate context in the future. In addition, legal establishments consider transcripts as valid records. So, it’s beneficial to use speech-to-text transcription app for conferences to keep a detailed and accurate record of discussions during the sessions.

2. Business Action Plans:

The objective of any meeting is to plan specific action items in advance. For instance, the attendees of meetings/conferences might share information on different strategies that are relevant to the success of a project which will eventually lead to the growth of the organization. Document the sessions to keep track of a wide range of strategies and action plans for various projects in your company.

3. Business Archives:

The roadmap of an organization can be determined from the archived records of important key events. Speech-to-text apps like Flashscribe can transcribe several hours of audio recordings from business meetings and conferences in a jiffy and contribute towards your company’s revenue growth over the long term.

4. Post-Event Follow-up:

You spend a lot of time, resources and revenue to organize a conference. Voice-to-text app like Flashscribe helps transcribe business conferences that includes a large panel of speakers. The transcript clearly segments who said what and when during the conference. It can be shared across your social media channels to promote your brand like TEDx videos.

5. Thought Leadership:

Transcripts of business conferences prove to be valuable business artifacts. You can optimize and publish the content on your company website as blogs, press releases and thought leadership videos. For instance, Flashscribe is an AI-driven speech-to-text app that helps thought leaders from different industries to capture and transcribe valuable content from business conferences through automated transcription.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, traditional transcription services are a huge deal breaker in terms of cost, resources and technology. You can use a speech-to-text transcription app like Flashscribe to record, transcribe and archive every discussion and decision within your organization. Whether it’s a keynote presentation or weekly meetings, you can get the support of the ultra-fast transcriber on your smartphone or laptop.

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