6 Ways Flashscribe Helps Boost Your Productivity

Written by Flashscribe

We have come a long way from papyrus scrolls and notepads to wake words for AI assistants. Now is the time of voice-typing and speech recognition. Electronic gadgets may not need a keypad in the future since the next generation might be adept with voice typing on the go.

Is your business enabled with voice technology applications for the future generations?

Flashscribe applies an ultra-fast artificial intelligence to transcribe audio and identify sentiments from the transcript. You can record, transcribe, and edit your text automatically with the all-in-one application in an incredibly fast time.

Here are six ways to boost your productivity using Flashscribe:

Minutes in Just Seconds:

You can save a truckload of time and energy by not taking notes during meetings. However, it’s a huge risk to miss out on documenting minutes of meetings at your workplace.

Flashscribe can do the documentation for you. Just press record and carry on with the meeting. Forget about jotting down the notes and focus your thoughts on the current topic of discussion. The app records the meeting and transcribes several minutes of the audio in just a few seconds.

Accurate Transcription:

Manual transcription requires a lot of time and resources for transcribing, reviewing and editing. Advanced transcription apps can help you speed up transcribing while maintaining higher accuracy.

Flashscribe’s highly accurate transcription helps people spend less time in documentation and enables them to quickly review and edit content using its intuitive tools like Flashscribe Editor. When you have a well-documented report, you can use it for research and review in the future.

Language Diversity:

Language is quintessential to human interaction and communication. If employees can discuss in their native languages at the workplace, then it will mark a striking increase in creativity and productivity.

Flashscribe’s web application supports language diversity at the workplace. The advanced speech engine understands and transcribes in several Indian languages. You can also easily edit the multilingual transcripts with the built-in multilingual text editor.

Speaker Diarization with Timestamps:

Flashscribe’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine recognizes and differentiates between noise, music, silence, and speech. It segments the transcripts with timestamps and the speaker’s identity. This makes life easier for employees and increases their productivity since all they need to do is to proofread the transcripts and submit them to the repository.

Sentiment Analysis with Text Analytics

Understand the sentiment behind the content specific to the timestamp on the transcript. Benefit from Flashscribe’s text analytics feature that supports sentiment analysis of transcripts. Now you can identify the emotions conveyed through business meetings and make appropriate decisions to alleviate the pain points at the workplace.

Emotion analysis with Voice Analytics

The meaning of the spoken words often varies with the tone of the speaker. Flashscribe’s emotion analysis classifier analyses the speaker’s tone and identifies their emotions from the uploaded audio track. The app’s advanced voice analytics feature helps indicate the speaker’s moods and emotions with greater accuracy.


Voice technology is now challenging your touchscreens and keypads. Many businesses believe that speech-to-text applications help boost productivity and efficiency at work.

It’s high time for you to explore AI-driven transcription app like Flashscribe for your business needs. Focus on speaking out meaningful solutions at your workplace while Flashscribe has it all documented for you, in a flash.

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