How Flashscribe Helps Transcribe YouTube Videos

Written by Flashscribe

Last year, YouTube CEO revealed that 2 million monthly active users watch 1 billion hours of video every day. The PEW research study states that 51% of YouTube users rely on the platform to learn new things. The current trends signify that YouTube videos are the most preferred content for edutainment in the recent times.

The pertinent question here is, “Are YouTube videos viewer-friendly?”

People upload videos from across the world. Language could be one of the major barriers for watching videos among YouTube viewers. There are several accents and dialects in every language which makes it difficult for non-native speakers of a language to watch videos from different languages.

YouTube videos from native English speakers could pose a challenge to non-native English speakers who might know the language but still, struggle with the accent. A video transcript can help make YouTube videos viewer-friendly. Moreover, it can also help people with hearing disabilities to watch and understand the videos.

YouTube Video Transcription  

The auto-generated transcripts of YouTube are not always accurate, especially for regional languages. Likewise, most transcription apps do not support transcribing in Indian languages. You can drastically improve the quality of your YouTube video transcripts with an AI-driven, multilingual transcription app like Flashscribe.

How to transcribe YouTube videos in a transcription app?

  1. Copy and paste the YouTube Video URL in the app.
  2. The assigned video is automatically transcribed.
  3. The video transcript is ready in a few secs/mins depending on the duration of the video.
  4. The video transcript can be edited in Flashscribe’s intuitive, multi-lingual Transcript Editor for better accuracy and clarity.
  5. Flashscribe’s advanced speech engine continually learns from edits in transcripts and identifies intents resulting in domain-specific optimized transcription.

How Flashcribe can make a difference?

Ultra-fast transcription:

Flashscribe’s ultra-fast transcription allows YouTubers and viewers to transcribe videos in a jiffy. It can transcribe a video 50-60 times faster than the file duration. In other words, Flashscribe transcribes a 50-minute video in just one minute. You can effortlessly use the web or mobile app anywhere, anytime.

Multi-lingual Support:

According to Times of India, 52% of urban youth and 22% of rural youth are bilingual in India. When addressing a multilingual country like India, it’s beneficial to use an advanced transcription app like Flashscribe that includes multilingual support. Its intuitive text editor helps edit bilingual video transcripts in Indian languages.

Know “Who Spoke When”:

Flashscribe’s Speaker Diarization feature helps identify and segment the start and end time of a speaker along with the identity of the speaker in an audio file as well as YouTube videos. You can now use the transcripts to translate the subtitles for the videos in foreign languages.

Do you listen to the TEDx talks? They include a detailed video transcript for each of their videos in several languages. It’s a great way to make the videos viewer-friendly to audiences from around the world. Flashscribe can help you do just that for your videos on YouTube and other video hosting platforms. Sign up with today!

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